ISGEm International Study Group on Ethnomathematics


The Local Organising Committee (LOC) is pleased to announce that the 5th International Conference on Ethnomathematics (ICEM-5) will be held at the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics located at Lhanguene Campus of the Pedagogical University (25o56´36''S; 32o32'35''E), in Maputo, Mozambique,

from the 7th to 11th July 2014.

Presentation topics

Presentations are accepted in English, Portuguese, Spanish or in any other language if it can be understood by the audience. There will be no translations provided by the LOC. We hope to receive interesting proposals in, among others, the following thematic areas:  

(1) Ethnomathematics and cultural anthropology / ethnology; 

(2) Ethnomathematics and history of mathematics; 

(3) Ethnomathematics and mathematics education; 

(3.1) Ethnomathematics and teacher education;

(4) Ethnomathematics and mathematics; 

(5) Ethnomathematics and mathematical games; 

(6) Ethnomathematics and music;

(7) Ethnomathematics and philosophy.


Extended deadline for abstracts

Participants intending to make a presentation (paper, workshop, poster, exhibition) are requested to prepare their abstracts and send them not later than the 29th of April 2014 to the LOC e-mail:

Please, indicate in the abstract the thematic area of the presentation as described above or, if different, please indicate with a phrase such as "Ethnomathematics and ___". For now (that is, before the conference) we only need abstracts, to be sent within the extended deadline. The abstract should to be not longer than one page, with normal margins, using Times New Roman, size 12 and 1.5 space between lines. All accepted abstracts will be published in electronic proceedings and available before the conference. The International Proceedings Publication Committee will establish the dates for submission of full papers.



In Maputo you may find a variety of accommodation standards.  We present a list of some economic hotels, guesthouses, and backpackers places located around the central city, close to restaurants and shopping centers. Of course you may find other places to stay just by searching on the Internet. The selection we made was based on facilities for the LOC to organise the daily transport to the conference venue. The booking of rooms is under responsibility of each participant. For groups of at least ten people who want to stay at the same accommodation place, the LOC may ask for reduction of the daily rate. In that case, please let us know.

Hotel Santa Cruz ( )

                Residencial Hoyo-Hoyo ( )

                Hotel Monte Carlo  ( )

                Hotel Girassol  ( )

                Hotel Terminus  ( )

                Pensao Martins ( )

                Villa das Arabias ( )

                Villa das Mangas ( )

                Fatima's Place (backpackers) ( )


Visa to Mozambique

Visa to Mozambique for a short period, like this of ICEM-5, normally is not required for citizens of SADC – Southern African Development Community. People from other countries with an Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique should apply for visa before travelling. For countries without Embassy of the Republic of Mozambique, people can get visa at arrival, in the amount of USD 78,00.



The registration fee is 3660,00 MZM (USD 120,00), accounting for lunch and tea/coffee/water during the conference time. The payment should be made to the following bank account:

Account name: UP-FCNM-PosGraduação

Currency: MZM (Metical)

                Bank name: Millennium BIM

Account number: 248521082

                Swift code: BIMOMZMXXXX

                IBAN: MZ59000100000024852108257

Address of the bank and account owner: Av. De Moçambique, km 1, Universidade Pedagógica, Campus Universitário de Lhanguene, Maputo, Moçambique.

After payment, please send the bank statement to the LOC via fax (+258 21400269) or via e-mail together with submission of the Registration Form not later than the 30th of April 2014.



During the conference, regular transport from the accommodation places listed above to the conference venue and vice-versa will be provided by the LOC for free.


ICEM-5 committees

The 5th International Conference on Ethnomathematics has the following committees:


International Programme Committee:

Arthur Powell (USA)

Bal Chandra Luitel (Nepal)

Bill Barton (New Zealand)

Hilbert Blanco Alvarez (Columbia)

Iran de Abreu (Brazil)

Kalifa Traoré (Burkina Faso)

Larry Shirley (USA)

Maria do Carmo Domite (Brazil)

Maria Luisa Oliveras (Spain)

Noor Aishikin Adam (Malaysia)

Pedro Palhares (Portugal)

Sibusiso Moyo (Zambia, South Africa)  

Swapna Mukhopadhyay (India, USA)


Regional Southern Africa Mobilization Committee:

Domingos Paidiameu (Angola)

Mogege Mosimege (South Africa)

David Mtetwa (Zimbabwe)

Sibusiso Moyo (Zambia, South Africa)

Ramira Patel (Swaziland)


International Proceedings Publication Committee:

Maria Luisa Oliveras (Spain)

Daniel Orey (Brazil / USA)

Milton Rosa (Brazil)


Core of the Local Organising Committee (LOC):

Marcos Cherinda (Chair, Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics, Universidade Pedagógica)

Evaristo Uaila (Coordinator of the Mozambican Study Group on Ethnomathematics)

Abdulcarimo Ismael (Coordinator of the Southern Africa Study Group on Ethnomathematics)

Paulus Gerdes (President of the International Study Group on Ethnomathematics)


Members of the LOC:

Emília Nhalevilo (Director of the Research Center of Mozambican Studies and Etnoscience)

Carlos Lauchande (Head of Department of Mathematics, Universidade Pedagógica)

Sarifa Fagilde (Director of International Relations Office, Universidade Pedagógica)

Arlinda Johane (Secretary of the Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics)

Alda Duvane (Secretary of Post-Graduate courses, Faculty of Natural Science and Mathematics)



LOC contact

For any request please do not hesitate to contact the LOC by the e-mail:

Fax: +258 21400269,  Telephone: +258 82 0748220;  UP-Faculdade de Ciências Naturais e Matemática, P.O.Box: 4040, Campus Universitário de Lhanguene, Maputo, Mozambique.



We are very happy to see you at ICEM-5 in Maputo, July 2014.


 Hoyo-hoyo ku ICEM-5!    Benvindo a CIEM-5!    Welcome to ICEM-5!